Baby Washable Swim Nappies

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Washable Swim Nappies

Baby Washable Swim Nappies is durable, convenient, and machine washable fabric, baby can wear it over and over. With cute, popular colors these swim diapers will help to make your little one a focus of fashion on the beach or pool.

Baby Washable Swim Nappies
Parents save money from using these washable nappies.

Use these for your vacation to the beach this summer and in the pool all summer and you would absolutely love these. If you are looking for a good swim diaper, I say this is it! 

Baby Washable Swim Nappies
Help the environment by using reusable swimming diapers.

So cute. Really adjustable to any sizes. Holds poop great! Just note that this is a swim diaper, they are meant to allow the liquid to flow through them, this diaper won’t hold pee.

Baby Washable Swim Nappies
Perfect for newborn and toddler as a shower gift or swimming attire.

Easy-lock Snaps for Quick Adjustments: Our cloth diaper cover are with adjustable snaps around the waist and leg, which allow you to change to the appropriate size to fit the baby well.