Baby Diaper Caddy

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💚IMAGINE YOUR BABY 👶NURSERY IS PERFECTLY ORGANIZED 😍: Neatly, comfortably and tidily stored diapers, onesies, dummies, baby wipes, …. on the changing table? No more small flimsy boxes and huge dusty diaper stackers hanging on your baby’s cot. ALL YOU NEED IS IN HAND. It’s easily portable. Take it around your home when nursing your child. No need to rush to your baby room to change the baby. EASILY Foldable and Portable caddy to carry around the house, changing table organizer, travel in the car

💛IT HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER TO KEEP ALL YOUR BABY DIAPERS, WIPES or TOYS IN ONE PLACE. Larger than any other on the market our Large Size Diaper Caddy can store up to 60❗️regular or cloth diapers, wipes, bibs, onesies, baby toys, burp cloths, pacifier binky, teethers, security blanket, books, bibs, diaper rash cream and more!

❤️Our Baby Product for Nursery storage is trusted by moms and rated for its large size, comfortable dividers system, sturdiness, and beautiful design. Only our diaper caddy has yellow stitching all over the felt diaper bag and it gives it the unique finish and it is LARGE SIZE 16.5" x 9.5 x 7"

💙UNIVERSAL STORAGE BASKET ORGANIZER SUPER STURDY & KEEPS IN SHAPE Made of high-quality double felt Grey and Yellow. Our extra removable 4 mm felt bottom insert and special construction ensures tote basket in shape even when not filled completely unlike some other storage bins on the market. You can easily repurpose this after your baby outgrows their diapers. Kids love using our diaper caddy for Barbies, dolls diapers and clothes or Lego. You can store magazines, knitting, sewing, and art, craft

💝WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL LIKE OUR PORTABLE DIAPER CADDY! Add it to your basket ✅now and enjoy the impeccable quality and design! Buy it for BABY SHOWER GIFT 🎁or NEWBORN REGISTRY, even your toddler’s birthday. 🎉They will love having a storage bin for favorite toys.