Baby Anti-Flat Portable Pillow

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Baby Anti-Flat Portable Pillow

One-Piece Design: The pillow is connected to the sleeping area, forming one piece, making the baby sleep more comfortable. Scientific stereotypes, multi-zone stereotypes, proactively cater to the baby's various sleeping positions and effectively prevent and correct flat heads.

Forming One Piece

The U-Shaped Design: Makes the small bulge unstoppable. Lightweight, practical, easy to travel, no matter where you are, our portable baby recliner pillow can be carried with.

Good Head Shape

The Core Shaping Area: Groove slope protection design, even when the baby sleeps on the side and automatically rotates, the pressure is evenly distributed to keep the baby good head shape.

Hollow Design

Hollow Design: Is used in the center to ventilate perspiration, promotes blood circulation in the brain, and easily shapes a healthy head shape. The back area, soft mesh, breathable and perspiration, reduces the pressure on the baby's back