Animal Soft Plush Ball With Sound

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Animal Soft Plush Ball With Sound

Animal Soft Plush Ball With Sound is made from high quality polyester material that is very attractive and multicolored that helps your baby tactile and visual development. It will do great help for the development of children.


1 piece ball 8 cm and 10 cm in size.

Helps Develop Baby Skills: Animal Plush ball shaped as the world is a fun toy to encourage your baby or babies for sensory development, hand-eye coordination, and develop gross motor skills. Baby can learn and enjoy about colors, shapes, and sounds while playing.


Makes beautiful sound when you swing the ball. 

Play and Learn: This educational toy is designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and innate creativity. It helps encourage your little ones to move as they play. They can also toss and roll the ball around to practice crawling and grasping.


Help for the development of children. 

Very Soft and Very Safe: Baby toy that has vibrant colors and the toys are soft to touch. The fabric is made from a new technology with no roughness. This allows the child to easily move the animals around and place it where it feels it should go with no issues.