Amigurumi Bunny Doll

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Amigurumi Bunny Doll

Amigurumi Bunny Doll is a cute, soft and fully handmade baby photography crochet japanese amigurumi bunny matching bunny doll set of three different colors. The set makes a beautiful nursery decoration and baby sleeping cuddling buddy.

Very Beautiful Japanese Amigurumi Bunny Doll Set of Three.

Very Popular in Social Media: Can be used as a cute props for newborn photo shoot that will surely make your little ones very cute. It becomes a very popular social media tag #amigurumi with many likes, love and shares.

Ballet Bunny Crochet will be a Great Nursery Decor.

Perfect Gift Idea: Ideal for gift giving, baby photography baby shoots, baby shower parties, baby costume parties, baby gender name revealing parties or simply baby wear at home and outside and look cute.


Super Soft and Made to Last a Long Time of Use.

Cleaning and Caring Instruction: Best to hand wash with warm tepid water and gentle detergent. Dry flat. Avoid using bleach to preserve the colors and avoid machine washing it.