All-in-one Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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All-in-one Ergonomic Baby Carrier

All-in-one Ergonomic Baby Carrier is the perfect way to keep your little one closer wherever you go with multi-functional, soft-structured and ergonomic Baby Travel Carrier. You can always feel secure and safe holding your little ones using this carrier.

Made from premium raw materials for quality and durability.

Product Features: The carrier features a ventilated shoulder belt, protective leg pads and waist support belt for all-day carrying comfort. With suspension seating pad and 35° inclination, cradle your baby all day while supporting your back and waist.

Available in three very beautiful colors.

Reduces Weight Pressure Significantly: Most carriers don't evenly distribute your child's weight across your body, making your back take all the burden. It's the same reason your back is in so much pain during pregnancy. Who wants to relive that?

Offers many different carrying positions and 36 KG limit.

Comfortable Baby Carrying:  Our carefully crafted hip seat base provides wide support so your baby's hips can rest in the healthy, doctor recommended 'M-Shape' position. Their legs are lifted and supported at hip level, not hanging or dangling like with other carriers, making for a happier more comfortable baby and less bearing on the wearer!