Watercolor Peony Floral Wallpaper

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Give a beautiful look to your walls with our SELF ADHESIVE, peel and stick wallpaper wall mural – easier to install and less messy!

This stunning oversized floral print has a watercolor white and pink background accented by smaller details in blue, yellow, and green.
This “wallpaper” is typically used to add impact to a focal wall as a mural.


3-meter roll size - 3m x 45 cm
▪ Self-adhesive peel and stick, removable wallpaper mural.
▪ Digitally printed and cut.
▪ Created using the latest, ecological HP technology.
▪ Organic latex inks are safe, odorless, and completely harmless to human health
(Green Guard Certificate), environmentally friendly and certified for fire resistance.
▪ Peel & stick material is free from any form of fluoride and phthalates.
▪ Consists of a stable, rugged, matte peel & stick material.

No additional glue is needed.
▪ Improved bubble-free material, dirt, and tear-resistant.
▪ You can stick and peel without the risk of ugly traces of glue on the wall and the material will not be damaged.
▪ Reusable in some cases.
▪ Also available in traditional vinyl material. Send us a note to request.

▪ Only suitable for flat, smooth, equal walls/surfaces.
▪ Do not use on textured, grainy, sandy, rough, bumpy walls or surfaces.
▪ Do not use over old wallpaper already on the wall.
▪ Does not work on walls painted with latex (stain-resistant or washable) paint as these paints prevent things from sticking.
▪ Does not work on damp, wet, and cold walls.
▪ Images displayed are for reference only and do not always reflect the exact size (but should be very close).