Knitted Wooden Crochet Baby Pacifier

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Knitted Wooden Crochet Baby Pacifier

Knitted Wooden Crochet Baby Pacifier is a handmade knitted wooden baby essential that is latex free, PVC free, BPA free and harmful smell free making it very safe for baby's use.


Very Attractive, Hand Made and  Baby Friendly Design.

Quality Materials Safe for Baby: This baby toy is made only from premium materials of stainless steel, durable two wire reinforcement and is hand made making it last a very long time of use.

Very Beautiful, Colorful, Wooden and Knitted Pacifier Beads.

Beautiful Design Options to Choose From: Popular and well liked baby friendly designs make this baby pacifier an absolute buy for parents. It can also aid in the early development of your babies like color color, shape and animal identification.  

Made from Food Grade Materials that is Very Safe .

Safety Tip: Crochet beads are not used alone as toys. Do not allow children to directly contact them to avoid swallowing and injury. Even if they are attached to a blanket or gums, they must be used under the care of an adult.