5pcs Mason Jar Shaped Storage Bags Set

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SEAL LOCK ZIPPER: With a quick glide to make the seal, these snack bags lock in freshness.

SNACK BAGS MADE EASY: With Fast and Good Zipper Snack Bags, hands young and old can ziplock tight and open with ease every time with the extra wide zip seal

FASHION DESIGN SNACK BAGS: Fashion mason jar shape design, protect the freshness for a variety of snacks, just fill food storage bag, zipper seal and toss in a purse, book bag or fridge.

FOOD STORAGE ZIPPER BAG: With Fast and Good's Snack Bag, you can pack fruits, veggies and crackers/cookies/sandwich etc. for taking on the go.

SIZE - L:24.5*14.6CM, 

SIZE - M:19.5*12CM, 

SIZE - S:15*9.5CM