Knitted Wooden Stroller Toy and Pacifier Set

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Knitted Wooden Stroller Toy and Pacifier Set

Knitted Wooden Stroller Toy and Pacifier Set is a beautiful, thoughtfully crafted stroller toy and pacifier set provides hours of fun for your little one without being an eyesore lying around the house— unlike the gaudy, cheap plastic toys seen everywhere.

Very Pretty Unicorn Design Dream Catcher.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly: The set comes with wood teething toys made from untreated hardwood finished with vegetable seed wax and hand-knit rattle toys made from organic cotton yarn and sheep’s wool stuffing. 

Perfect for Nursery Room Decorations that Babies Love.

Very Safe Pacifier Set for Baby: The pacifier, the stroller toy and teether does not contain any BPA, VOCs, heavy metals, Phthalates or formaldehyde. This makes it very safe for baby use.


Very Detailed and Expertly Assembled Hand-made Decor.

Toys to Take Everywhere: Our baby pacifier stroller toy set is very mobile and lightweight allowing them to travel with your little one in their car seat, stroller or high chair, and providing endless hours of entertainment.