Heart Pattern Sleeping Bag

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Heart Pattern Sleeping Bag

Heart Pattern Sleeping Bag is an adorable baby cover with the bear ears on the hood. This sleep sack is pure perfection and babies will love snuggling up in it for their naps. Your baby will just look irresistible in it.

Lovely heart printed baby sleep sack.

Soft and Safe: This very soft but thick baby sleeping bag is the best way to keep your little ones feel comfortable and safe when they are sleeping. You just swaddle your little in and shut the closure for a secure fit.

Popular and very beautiful colors to choose from.

Outstanding Design: These wrap feels so super soft, warm, and fluffy. Babies love to be swaddled so they will love this and look so adorable in it. When babies are fussy the best thing to do is swaddle them and our blanket makes a swaddle fashion statement.

Perfect fit for newborn, 3, and 6 months old.

Versatile Baby Swaddle: It is a sleep sack/sleeping bag style swaddle. It is very thick and warm and maybe possibly one of the cutest things ever made! It is so cute it makes for such memorable photos for a lifetime.