Baby Lace Bow Stockings

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Bow Knot Stockings
Baby Bow Knot Stockings are made from high quality combed cotton;soft and breathable. 100% brand new! Cute Lace Bows Princess high knee girls socks keep your girls warm with a fashionable look

Baby Lace Bow Stockings
Very Soft and very clean color princess bow knee socks.

Tiled measurement of the socks: Vary from 28 cm to 38 cm length, fit for 1-6 years girls; whether the socks are over calf or over knee depends on how length your girl's legs are.

Baby Lace Bow Stockings

Exciting well-liked colors to choose from.

These socks come in many cute and colorful designs: They are a great pair of socks to pair with a skirt and ankle boots for a little girl, or a pretty little dress for a younger girl, it’s pretty impressive for a sock that also fits a preschool-aged child!

Candy Color adorable Princess Ribbon Knee Sock.

The Knee High Socks are very well made, there was no shrinking, fading, or falling apart. The socks are soft and very breathable, good stretch (without staying stretched out).