Black and White Stripe Nursing Cover

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Black and White Stripe Nursing Cover

Black and White Stripe Nursing Cover is a multi-in-1 cover. It can be use as baby car seat cover, shopping cart cover, crib cover, and breast feeding cover among many other uses. Your little ones will feel cozy and comfy while being covered by this.

Ideal nursing cover size: 34*66*70cm.

Optimum Privacy: Mommas on the go can have privacy while breastfeeding in public with full 360 degree coverage. The cover is made from stretchy material that fits snug, avoiding slipping or exposure while nursing a wiggly baby.

Made from high quality cotton and spandex.

Superior Protection: Keeps your little one out of the wind, rain, or snow. Also blocks bright lights, sunlight, and UV rays. Provides safety by discouraging unwanted hands from touching baby and spreading germs. The material is lightweight and breathable allowing ventilation.

Beautiful cover is made for all season use.

Multiple Applications: This multifunctioning cover can be used as a nursing cover, car seat canopy, and a shopping cart and high chair cover. It can be an infinity scarf, a swaddle, or a diaper changing pad if you’re in a pinch. Be creative and you’ll find even more ways to use your cover.